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November 6th (Bahcesehir University Besiktas Campus)

9.00 Registration

9.30 Welcome address

10.00 Keynote: Toni Dove

11.15 Coffee break

11.30 Session 1: Models, Theories and Vocabulary 1

Modeling Foreshadowing in Narrative Comprehension for Sentimental Readers; Byung-Chull Bae, Yun-Gyung Cheong and Daniel Vella

Theoretical Considerations towards Authoring Emergent Narrative; Neil Suttie, Sandy Louchart, Theo Lim and Ruth Aylett

The Elements of a Narrative Environment – Exploring User Reactions in Relation to Game Elements; Arne Grinder-Hansen and Henrik Schoenau-Fog

Suitability of Modelling Context for use within Emergent Narrative; John Truesdale, Sandy Louchart, Helen Hastie and Ruth Aylett

13.10 Lunch break

14.30 Session 2: Models, Theories and Vocabulary 2

On Games and Links: Extending the Vocabulary of Agency and Immersion in Interactive Narratives; Stacey Mason

Production and Delivery of Interactive Narratives Based on Video Snippets; Wolfgang Müller, Ulrike Spierling and Claudia Stockhausen

Metrics for Character Believability in Interactive Narrative; Paulo Gomes, Ana Paiva, Carlos Martinho and Arnav Jhala

Breaching Interactive Storytelling’s Implicit Agreement: A Content Analysis of Façade User Behaviors; Christian Roth and Ivar Vermeulen

Mapping the Evolving Space of Interactive Digital Narrative. From Artifacts to Categorizations; Hartmut Koenitz, Mads Haahr, Gabriele Ferri, Digdem Sezen and Tonguc Ibrahim Sezen

16.30 Coffee break

16.45 Workshop: Towards Mapping the Evolving Space of Interactive Digital Narrative

18.30 Opening reception at Bahcesehir University


November 7th (Bahcesehir University Besiktas Campus)

9.00 Registration

10.00 Keynote: Adam Russell

11.15 Coffee break

11.30 Session 3: Between Play and Narration

Video Game Mise-en-scene. Remediation of cinematic codes in video games; Ivan Girina

The Audio-Visual Construction of Narrative Space in Video Games; Altuğ Işığan

Acting, Playing or Talking about the Story: An Annotation Scheme for Communication during Interactive Digital Storytelling; Mariët Theune, Jeroen Linssen and Thijs Alofs

13.00 Lunch break

14.00 Session 4: Game Narrative

Satire, Propaganda, Play, Storytelling. Notes on Critical Interactive Digital Narratives; Gabriele Ferri

Silent Hill 2 and the Curious Case of Invisible Agency; Sercan Şengün

14.40 Panel: Professional perspectives on Interactive Digital Storytelling – Sponsored by JoyGame

15.40 Transfer to Bahcesehir University Galata Campus

17.00 Exhibition opening and demo session

18.30 Social event

20.30 Conference dinner


November 8th (Bahcesehir University Besiktas Campus)

9.00 Registration

10.00 Keynote: Ernest W. Adams

11.15 Coffee break

11.30 Session 5: Art and Narrative Applications

Telling Stories on the Go: Lessons From a Mobile Thematic Storytelling System; Alex Mitchell and Teong Leong Chuah

Storytelling and the Use of Social Media in Digital Art Installations; Clinton Jorge, Julian Hanna, Valentina Nisi, Nuno Nunes, Miguel Caldeira, Giovanni Innella and Amanda Marinho

A Continuously Developing Interactive Digital Narrative; Hartmut Koenitz, Tonguc Ibrahim Sezen and Digdem Sezen

Generating Stories with Morals; Margaret Sarlej and Malcolm Ryan

13.10 Lunch break

14.30 Session 6: Applications and Analyses 1

Towards Automatic Story Clustering for Interactive Narrative Authoring; Michal Bída, Martin Černý and Cyril Brom

Author-Audience Distance: The Parameters of Interactive Narratives; Luis Emilio Bruni and Sarune Baceviciute

Player Perspectives to Unexplained Agency-Related Incoherence; Miika Pirtola, Yun-Gyung Cheong and Mark J. Nelson

Performative Authoring: Nurturing Storytelling in Children through Imaginative Enactment; Sharon Lynn Chu, Francis Quek and Joshua Tanenbaum

16.30 Coffee break

16.45 Session 7: Applications and Analyses 2

Generating Different Story Tellings from Semantic Representations of Narrative; Elena Rishes, Stephanie Lukin, David Elson and Marilyn Walker

Adaptive Storytelling Through User Understanding; Michael Garber-Barron and Mei Si

17.35 Coffee break

17.50 Panel: Current and Future Trends in Interactive Digital Storytelling

18.40 Best Paper Award and Closing Remarks – Sponsored by Microsoft Turkey


November 9th (Bahcesehir University Galata Campus)

Workshop Day and Exhibition Space Gallery Hours 

9.00 Registration

10.00 Workshops

13.10 Break

14.30 Workshops

18.00 Closing


ICIDS 2013 Keynotes are presented with the support of Point Hotel/The Game