Workshops List

Noriko Tomuro, Yun-Gyung Cheong and R. Michael Young – 2nd Workshop on Games and NLP (GAMNLP-13)

Ahmet Nazif Satı – Classic Games Workshop

Bjoern Temte, Morgan Jarl and Henrik Schoenau-Fog – Edularp: Teaching, Learning and Engaging through Roleplay and Interactive Narratives

Noam Knoller, Henrik Schoenau-Fog and Udi Ben-Arie – Interactive Digital Storytelling: Practice, Impact and Aesthetics

Lorene Shyba – Interactive Story Creation with Smartphone Video

Andreas Zingerle and Linda Kronman – ICIDS 2013 Workshop: Revisiting the spam folder – Using 419-fiction for Interactive Storytelling

Serdar Paktin, Uygar Özesmi and Zennube Ezgi Kaya – The Importance of Storytelling on Online Activism for Creating Change

Sebastian Hurup Bevensee and Henrik Schoenau-Fog – The Possibilities of Implementing Productive Interactivity in Emergent Narratives

Hartmut Koenitz, Mads Haahr, Gabriele Ferri, Tonguc Ibrahim Sezen and Digdem Sezen – Towards Mapping the Evolving Space of Interactive Digital Narrative

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